Welcome To Bkstickers.com

Bkstickers.com emerged at the beginning of 2010, as a producer of custom bicycle stickers.

As bicycles enthusiasts, our objective is to make the coolest custom bike stickers / decals the world have ever seen. Along the way we fullfill our objective, managing to smile enough fellow pedalling.

We supply stickers, decals or transfers for all types of bicycles.

We also offer tubing manufacturers stickers, your name on frame stickers, country bands,…

Custom stickers can be made for you upon request. It can be made using the bikes original branding, but modified to your taste.

If you wish us to exactly match the frame you have, you can email us detailed photographs and size descriptions which we can use to build the artwork. Please ask for further information.

Our stickers can be used on various types of frames and forks. For example; steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon frames.

With each set purchased, we will include a fitting guide process(if necessary) and offer full application advice.