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Rockshox Sektor 2020 Black Fork Decals kit

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Codes must be in cmyk, ral or pantone. Ex: PANTONE 376C

Color Guide

Rockshox Sektor 2020 Black Fork Decals kit

"For your next fork upgrade or first taste of front the suspension, the RockShox Sektor is a great choice."

Available in sixteen colorways, Rockshox Sektor 2020 Black Fork Decals kit will fit any Rockshox Sektor 2020 model.

Rockshox Sektor 2020 Black Fork Decals kit are printed onto pro grade vinyl and laminated to produce a durable and glossy / mate stickers.

If you do not find your color in our color guide, contact us we offer a RAL and Pantone matching service.
If you wish us to exactly match the frame you have, you can email us detailed photographs and size descriptions which we can use to build the artwork.

Custom stickers kit can be made for you upon request. It can be made using the bikes original branding, but modified to your taste.

Please specify your choice of gloss or matt finish. Matt finish works best with 'Diffusion Black' forks. If no option is requested, gloss will be sent as standard.

With each kit purchased, we will include a fitting guide process(if necessary) and offer full application advice.

Please ask for further information.