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As bicycles enthusiasts, our objective is to make the coolest custom bike stickers / decals the world have ever seen. Here you can find some answers for your doubts

Can you take custom orders??

Custom stickers can be made for you upon request. It can be made using the bikes original branding, but modified to your taste.

If you wish us to exactly match the frame you have, you can email us detailed photographs and size descriptions which we can use to build the artwork. Please ask for further information.

Can your decals be easily removed when necessary??

Typically yes, all you will need to do is lift a corner and peel back slowly. If for some reason it is not coming off easily, warm up the decal first with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive. As long as you remove it slowly and smoothly, there will not be any damage to the paint underneath.

Can your decals be clear coated over??

We do not recommend it. Our decals are laminated, yielding a 4-5 mil profile. The laminate protects the ink underneath, so clear coat will not add to durability.

Do you make replacement stickers for my bike, wheels, etc??

We do not.

I don't see my flag on your list. Can you find it??

In most cases, yes. Let us know what flag you need, and we will try to have it up within 2 business days.

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