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Enduro Challenge Madeira – 2015

Since the starting years of mountain biking in Madeira, politics and environmentalists were basically in control. A book of rules, maybe written when Madeira was discovered back in 1400-something, is truly outdated, especially when outdoor sports are constantly evolving. This year, things are slowly changing. Our government started opening their strict boundaries realizing that mountain biking and other nature related sports, keeps tourism flowing and locals happy. Since the beginning of 2015, Enduro Racing is no longer illegal in Madeira and it’s currently supported and approved by the regional tourism department.

I have to be pretty clear that it’s still a hard battle. Businesses emerge from the approval and legalization of mountain biking in Madeira, no doubt about that, and everyone has it’s own importance, contributing directly for the evolution of the sport. From riders to companies, the community becomes stronger at each new challenge and race.

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1 – Emanuel Pombo (30:46m)
2 – Paulo Batista (32:19m)
3 – Daniel Pombo (33:27m)

Master 30
1 – Nuno Quintal (35:52m)
2 – Ricardo Pinto (37:28m)
3 – Jérémy Frotey (39:20m)

Master 40
1 – Alexandre Rebelo (39:33m)
2 – Paulo Sousa (39:41m)
3 – Miguel Zacarias (41:44m)

1 – Dobromir Dobrev (34:22m)
2 – Tiago Luís (37:41m)
3 – Nuno Vargem (41:45m)

1 – Stefanie Klostermeier (45:22m)

Race Organizer: Freeride Madeira, Associação Ciclismo Madeira and Clube Caniço Riders
Photos and Words: Antonio Abreu, MADproductions
Sponsors: Bioforma, Câmara Municipal Calheta, Junta Freguesia Ponta do Pargo, Schwalbe, Red Bull, MADproductions, MZ Bike, Restaurante Portinho, JRFN, Trio Publicidade, Brisa, iXs


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